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About us

O.TAKA is a woman, a classy one. She is a woman of a sophisticated taste, aware of her individualism. She loves uniqueness so Coco Chanel’s line: ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same’ makes her motto.

OTAKA from design to skirt

The woman knows what she wants and loves herself. She enjoys comfort and it is comfort which gives her self-confidence. She doesn't put on her clothes, she wears outfits.

OTAKA from design to blouse

This woman appreciates consistent elements in her style. She likes feeling special. She is strong but needs human touch and affection at times. That’s why her attire is much more than random pieces of fabric, it has a soul.

OTAKA from design to tunic

O.TAKA means:

  • timeless designs whose construction guarantees self-confidence,
  • elegant and immaculate models of dresses, trousers, tops and shirts,
  • unique natural fabrics and hand-made details,
  • a thoughtful collection made of matching items ready to create countless outfits of consistent style.

O.TAKA has been founded in 2017 by Aga Zembrzycka.


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